Genre and TV format

Genre and TV format The TV show format is an idea that has a production bible to make sure they follow a set of rules and the rules have information about the production. Production bible can also be a pitch to the producer that is filled with information to advertise to the producer (Melander, R. […]

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Citizen journalism

Citizen journalism Today’s session was about the topic citizen journalism. We first looked at the definition of citizen journalism (Roos, 2017), this is when a person gathers information or comments on events from their own perspective. Anyone can be a citizen journalist, in that they do not need a qualification or employment within media, to […]

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Globalization Globalization is about connecting to other places with communication and trade with branding companies. Globalization trade allows companies to not be national but to be multinational corporations that global business, for example Mc Donald’s and Starbucks. People who live in a global society can order goods from other parts of world ( (2017).. Branding […]

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Genre mash ups We also talked about combining two genres together to create something new and we looked at some examples such as scream queens. Scream Queens has two genres one is horror, which has slasher elements in series and comedy that parody to horror.  Combing genres to make a new format that is attractive […]

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Business model

Business model Basic definition is it’s about making money. The business model is built with nine points in a diagram as the diagram shows. The steps are: what you offer, the client, how you are going to communicate and distribute to your audience/client, relationship with the consumer, resources, activity’s, partners, revenue and what is the […]

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Audience and behaviour

The focus on this week was understanding audience in media and theory elements. Before we got into the topic we talked about where do we access media. The platforms in media we consume are in television, video games, streaming via mobile phones, tablet and computers in general, as well as cinema, DVD, CD’s, concerts, and […]

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Bollywood films

Bollywood films What is Bollywood This session was about focusing on the Indian film industry. Bollywood is a form of entertainment very popular across the Asian culture worldwide. We saw that most Bollywood films have singing and dancing and express Indian culture. Location of Bollywood is in Mumbai, it is one of the biggest film […]

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