Bollywood films

Bollywood films

What is Bollywood

This session was about focusing on the Indian film industry. Bollywood is a form of entertainment very popular across the Asian culture worldwide. We saw that most Bollywood films have singing and dancing and express Indian culture. Location of Bollywood is in Mumbai, it is one of the biggest film production centre’s in the world, in both production and distribution (Maheshwari, 2017). For example, Bollywood in the year 2012 produced over 1600 films. Financially, the industry made in 2014, 138 billion Rupees and to translate the currency to USA Dollars that is 2.88 billion (McCarthy, 2017).

The first Bollywood film

The first Bollywood film was called Raja Harishchandra (1913), this film was a silent movie. Back then India and the world did not have sound in film (Farrier, 2017). This film is based on the story of a legendary king in India and the plot is about him sacrificing everything to please the Gods. In that time, women were not allowed in films, but instead was filmed with men who dressed to look like women (Sen, 2017).


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