Business model

Business model

Basic definition is it’s about making money. The business model is built with nine points in a diagram as the diagram shows. The steps are: what you offer, the client, how you are going to communicate and distribute to your audience/client, relationship with the consumer, resources, activity’s, partners, revenue and what is the cost for the business (Osterwalder, A. 2017).


Digital is content or information from technology platforms like computers, mobile phones and tablets. The digital generation is the current new generation (aged up to approximately 30 years old) and their activities tend to be on social media apps on mobile phones (Boag, P. 2017).

Example Boohoo

Boohoo was first open to the public in 2006, Boohoo is a fashion and clothing business company. They advertise their products on social media and their personal website. Their main audience seems to be women as described on their website ( (2017).

Online shopping

Online shopping is buying products online from the internet by digital transaction. Companies can sell their products online and their consumers can purchase the products ( (2017).


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