Citizen journalism

Citizen journalism

Today’s session was about the topic citizen journalism. We first looked at the definition of citizen journalism (Roos, 2017), this is when a person gathers information or comments on events from their own perspective. Anyone can be a citizen journalist, in that they do not need a qualification or employment within media, to be in this role. People often film events on their phone (Roos, 2017), this is a form of citizen journalism and it does not need to be high quality. You can share information online in a range of platforms; social networking sites, blogs, video blogs, podcasts and audio interviews.  This can reach a wide audience from a global scale if the information becomes viral on the internet (Rogers, 2017). This can also help traditional media news outlets to present information and supplement their stories (Rogers, 2017).


We looked at an event in Pakistan where their elections were taking place, a person called Benazir Bhutto at the 2007 was trying to get elected but she was assassinated. This information was being blocked by the government but it was filmed by a citizen who took the role of citizen journalist and the information was shared widely to the public (BBC News. (2017).


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