Genre and TV format

Genre and TV format

The TV show format is an idea that has a production bible to make sure they follow a set of rules and the rules have information about the production. Production bible can also be a pitch to the producer that is filled with information to advertise to the producer (Melander, R. 2017).

TV format genres have a range format, for example Sitcoms that is a comedy show with a story, games shows where people are here to compete to win a prize and news where people report the daily events of world (Jones, S. 2017).

These formats have a recognised structure on planning their media TV product and the only difference is the identity of the idea. Creating a TV format has stages are: coming up with a range of ideas, plan your TV format on paper, the product you have created, add a business and production to your TV format and lastly air your TV format. Grace, Y. and rarr; V. (2017.

Role of the producer

The role of a producer is important in the media industry by that they invested the formats production and that can be resources.  They can reject the format if it’s not good enough and negate the price on how much they can invested ( 2017).


The person who creates the format of the show and wants the producer to invest in their format. This also means the creator must have full knowledge of their format because they are main writer of the show (Breman, P. 2017).


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